Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Do you own your happiness?

Do you own your happiness? Are u in charge of your feelings? Or do you let others decide if you are happy or not?

 I was contemplating over this idea one day as I sat in my car waiting to pick up my kids. I realized I could enjoy my little ( notice the word "little") moment of quiet or I could dread these moments of waiting. I had to make a choice if I was going to feel content in these small moments or actually get annoyed and frustrated sitting and waiting.

I rolled down my windows to soak up the warm rays of the sun, turned on my music and I felt happy. I'm sure the vitamin D helped some too. So many daily tasks burden our happy hormones!

Don't let others problems or complaints sit on your shoulders. Every person has his/her own issues. Be in control of situations. If your spouse or girlfriend/ boyfriend is really having a tough day- lighten the mood. Dance to some music in the shower. Show some happiness in the thick of stress.

I had to conquer and destroy my negative emotions. Fortunately I'm an optimist and a big supporter of positive thinking. I'm hoping my words are meant to motivate and encourage you to be happy. Pass along a smile today or even a compliment to a stranger. Your good feelings will spread like wildfire!

-Stacey Zimmerman


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Art that Heals

My goals as an artist is to create art that evokes emotions of healing, passion and strength. I believe my new piece is a great example of this.


My use of color may produce a sense of intense passion and inner strength. Does it take your breath away? Do you breathe deeper? Euphoric feeling? Does your heart rate increase? Maybe this piece will take your mind to a different world. Try to visually detox and become centered and focused.
-Stacey Zimmerman
Copyright Stacey Zimmerman 2015

Monday, March 9, 2015

Macro Photography-Snowflakes

 I think we've had our final big snowfall here in PA. It was beautiful and the kids had so much fun sledding in our backyard. I had a great variety of snowflakes to capture and managed to pick a few of my favorites. It takes quite a lot of patience and tolerance for the extreme cold temps however I was rewarded with some amazingly stunning photos of nature's beauty. Enjoy! Looking forward to spring!
Relish the drops of white that linger and land
One can cap the cold to withstand
To capture, save and secure a moment
In the instant of today’s enjoyment
-Stacey Zimmerman

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Muse! Dream! Go!

Action words are inspiring! Write them down when you are feeling uninspired. Be insightful. Listen to the world around you. Write down ideas when you first wake up in the morning. Aren't they powerful? What other words to you like to hear?
Remember Nike's saying "Just Do It!"? Very powerful. Very smart.

Stacey Zimmerman
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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pairing Music with Art

Are you hearing a favorite song in your head as you view artwork?
I think I'd pair this piece with something like:

Just like you pair meals with a specific wine.


 Stacey Zimmerman
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Nature's Perfection- Snowflakes Magnified

Stellar Plate
Hexagonal Plate
Stellar Dendrite
These snowflakes were amazing! I was able to capture 3 different types of snowflakes. Here is a guide to snowflakes link:
I did my best at classifying my snowflakes by using the guide above. I'm still in awe over capturing such beauty and perfection of these delicate flakes. The fibers of a scarf are holding up the snowflakes long enough so that I could capture with my camera.
Enjoy the rest of your winter!
Stacey Zimmerman
Mom, Wife, Artist

Turn off the Distractions to Exercise Your Creative Mind

Do you ever feel your brain is taken over by the constant chatter of electronics or television? I tend to get very agitated when I'm not involved in watching television; rather making dinner or if I'm driving with kids in the car, to be able to enjoy music or other stimuli. My brain has a hard time focusing on the moment. I sometimes think my ears are too sensitive but actually I believe it has to do with sensory overload.
Do you ever turn down the radio while driving when you are lost ? Do you feel calmer when the television in the family room is off while you are making dinner?
I know right now as I'm typing, the television is on mute. However, my eyes keep wandering to see the flashes of light. The ads lure you in and grab your eyes, basically taking over your thought process...wait "what was I saying".
Do you ever find that in the morning as you are rising from a restful sleep that you have your most creative moments?

*Keep a notebook handy for those fuzzy morning ideas!