Saturday, August 9, 2014

Angels Among Us

Do you have an angel story?
Angels were created in many of my paintings, hidden or subtly placed so that they provide a sense of peace. I have a few stories in my life that involve angels. Close family relatives or friends' of mine have passed and I do believe they are angels now. In my opinion angels linger around and provide comfort and peace or even guide us in our ways. One of my earlier posts explain one of my experiences- Angel Butterfly .
This week I lost my second mom. She was a mom to everyone. My best friend's mom passed away from cancer. She struggled for years but things went downhill too quickly. So many of her friends and family are very sad and will miss her dearly. She was an angel and such a kind caring lady. After all, she created two wonderful daughters, one of which is a best friend. I've spent countless hours in their home as a teenager. What great years of memories! I will treasure those times forever. I dedicate my Guardian Angel painting to her and hope that these angels will protect her family in this time of grieving.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Creativity vs. Innovation

Here are some selections that I found quite interesting about creativity and innovation. Sometimes I find my fix for art in writing! I believe you must have creativity to provide innovation. Innovation has exploded from outstanding creative minds. I am surrounded by passionate friends and families that take risks and use their creativity to design or plan their futures with new business ventures. I absolutely love to watch the TV series Shark Tank. It is so interesting to learn about how others come up with innovative businesses, their personal journeys and the struggles they overcome to reach their goals. There are so many people who say that they are not creative. I have to disagree. My sense is that everyone is creative in some way in life. We are so lucky to live in a nation that we can use our creativity to expand our lives, whether it is for happiness, money, or freedom…or for all.



“The main difference between creativity and innovation is the focus. Creativity is about unleashing the potential of the mind to conceive new ideas. Those concepts could manifest themselves in any number of ways, but most often, they become something we can see, hear, smell, touch, or taste. However, creative ideas can also be thought experiments within one person’s mind.”




“Innovation refers to the application of an idea and, in many cases, is a collaborative enterprise. So in other words, innovation is applied creativity. Or if I put my creative speaker hat on, I might say, "Creativity is a bioelectrical thunderstorm that precipitates an inescapable notion."

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Selling Art: Questions to Ask your Prospective Collector

22 Questions to Ask your Prospective Buyer
 I came up with a list of great questions to ask a customer/prospective collector. Usually I'm tongue tied when it comes to finding topics about my own artwork. I think the best thing is to memorize a few of your favorite questions if you are in need of a conversation starter.

1.What do you see?

2. Can you relate to this painting?
3. Who is your favorite artist?

4. Do you collect art? Are you ready for some color?

5.Are you looking for a little inspiration or spark?

6. I created this because….(tell them your creative process)-does this painting tell you a story?

7. How does this make you feel?

8. What do you think pulled you towards this particular painting?

9. Does this painting mean something to you?

10. Do you think the use of color can inspire you?
11. Do you want this painting to be a focal point?

12. Does this painting highlight a memory in your life?

13. Would you like this painting to decorate a large or small area?

14. Can you see this in your home?

15. Does this use of color give you an uplifting feeling? Calming?

16. What is that I’ve shared with you that you have interest in?

17. Do you have interest in buying something for you today?

18. I know I can’t resist when I look at something more than once. Are you ready to add this to your home?

19. Do you feel you’d enjoy this and see something different each day in different lights?

20. Can you imagine what this looks like in different light?

21. Can you see the sparkle used in the color?

22. What do you see value in?

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Stacey Zimmerman

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014

Daily Dust- Whisk Away the Dust for a Clear Mind!

Priorities, priorities...

"Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Picasso

It's Friday! TGIF! Take a moment and smell the flowers!

My reward from working hard all week is usually for painting and creating. Lately I've been bogged down with so many tasks that I need to step away to cleanse my brain. So, I am taking a break and writing here on my blog! :)  I may even take a moment and whip out my paint brush just to get an idea out there on my canvas.

I was surprised by some wonderful colors in my front yard this morning...

Enjoy your Friday!
Make a memorable day.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Your Muse

Who is your Muse? Is it a family member, a best friend, or your spouse? Or do you have a famous artist that you've come to admire?

My muse comes in many forms. I receive musings from nature or even from my kids' happiness and gusto for life. They look at life with curious and new eyes. I even pick up some musings from my husband's love and sense of honor and values. And from admirers that get that spark when looking at colors on canvas and want to see some more! :)

I truly adore Claude Monet's story and his many paintings in various lights.

 Then there is Vincent Van Gogh with is brushstrokes and use of color.

Gustav Klimt's use of gold and details in his paintings are very eye catching.
I keep coming back to the old masters for inspiration. I could study and look at their art everyday and still find something new. To see these paintings up close someday is definitely on my bucket list.
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-Stacey Zimmerman
Mom, Wife and artist 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

What time is best for your "Creative Spark"?

Would you like some paint with your coffee?

When are your most productive creative hours? What type of setting? Music? Lighting?

In the wee hours of the morning I need my coffee and comfy lounging clothing on. Most of the time I enjoy the peace and quiet with tons of natural sunlight coming through my windows.

If I've had sensory overload I do not like distractions of music or television. My brain needs a rest so I can create clutter free!

-Stacey Zimmerman
Mom, Wife, artist